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  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games
  • Version: 1.0.130
  • Release Date: January 5, 2019
  • Description:

    Mobile Premier League (MPL) is a leading online gaming platform that offers engaging skill-based games, including puzzle games, card games, bowling game, baseball game, solitaire game, and more. On the MPL platform, you can choose your favorite games and play for money, while also showcasing your gaming skills. Think you have what it takes to win cash games? Choose and play from a curated list of popular games such as Solitaire Cube, Block Puzzle, Bubble Shooter, Baseball Star, Bowling, Fruit chop, and more. MPL also offers free practice games for training and some light-hearted entertainment. Join the exciting world of online gaming and test your skills to win money games on MPL.

    Top online games to win real money :

    Cube Solitaire
    Cube Solitaire is a solitaire cash game that will take you on a trip down memory lane. Go head-to-head with opponents and form sequences from Ace to King to achieve high scores and win. The 3-minute timer adds an exciting twist to the game!

    Spider Solitaire
    Specially designed for gamers on MPL, this solitaire variant features a timer and six decks to make the game fun and fast-paced. Compete in a quick game of Spider Solitaire during your break and win real cash prizes.

    21 Puzzle
    Love playing with numbers? Then this game is for you! Another one of MPL’s play to win cash games, 21 Puzzle will test your love for numbers in a fun and exciting way. All you have to do is add numbers to make a sum of 21!

    Bubble Shooter
    Some cash games are about having fun, just like Bubble Shooter on MPL! Stay entertained for hours by bursting bubbles of the same color and racking up high scores. If this Isn’t a great stress buster, we don’t know what is!

    Block Puzzle
    Looking for fun and simple puzzle games? Block Puzzle is perfect for recreation or generally to pass time. All you have to do is arrange the differently-shaped blocks on a 9x9 grid, and reach a high score within a specific time limit. Easy right?

    Ready to put on your virtual bowling shoes? Because MPL has a game of tenpins for you! Compete against real players in Bowling and aim for strikes and high scores for the win. Get ready to take down the pins and your opponent at the same time!

    Baseball Star
    If scoring home runs and real money is your idea of fun, then Baseball Star on MPL is your new favorite game! Race against the timer to bat and score as many home runs as possible against your opponent to win real cash prizes. Batter up!

    Fruit Chop
    Slice and dice fruits for high points! Showcase your virtual knife skills in exciting Fruit Chop battles. Go head-to-head or play with multiple opponents, and slice up fruits to score high points and cash rewards. Ready to get chopping?

    Advantages of Playing Games on MPL

    Safe & secure platform
    Real-time 1v1 & 1vN cash contests & tournaments
    Train with unlimited practice games
    Opportunity to win daily cash prizes
    Compete and win big in multiplayer tournaments
    Play against real players with similar skill levels
    Easy withdrawals of winnings
    Receive bonuses for referrals
    Best-in-class gaming experience
    9 exciting games and counting

    Cash games are not enabled in all states. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information
    You can play practice games if cash games aren’t enabled for your states

    Are you ready to hone your skills and play to win money on MPL?
    Download Now, indulge in a thrilling game, and watch your skills convert to dollar bills.

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