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  • Karen Hickey
    Karen Hickey

    I agree there are way too many pumpkins clogging up mills. I am not sure what King was thinking here but it might be why they gave us so many days to get thru it so we could do it slowly. My only hope is that there aren't a lot of levels on the Grand Pumpkin before you get the grand prize. TIP: I use the grill quite a bit to make grilled pumpkin which only takes 10 minutes each. That way I am not committed for long. I am constantly grilling these pumpkins. Also, I make a lot of Pumpkin Soup and Pumpkin Bouquets because I find I don't get a lot of flower and soup orders so I don't mind these particular mills getting clogged up. Just be sure you stock up on a few things before stacking up your pumpkin orders thru the mills.
    On a separate note, I have to wonder if someone's in big trouble over at King because they have to realize the problem they've created. Have you seen the World Market?! You can't give these pumpkins away! Wesley's going to be very busy buying all these up. Ha! Looking at it from 10,000 feet it appears that while very clever and cute it wasn't well executed.

    · 14 Oct 20:24

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  • Madhushree Somani
    Madhushree Somani

    Where is land north of Wesley's

    · 26 Aug 14:47

    Comment found on Can't get past Paradise Bay Level 15?

  • Victoria Rubinova
    Victoria Rubinova

    There will probably be new relics with new upgrade ... when that occurs ... not sure :( Also new islands most likely will pop up with future upgrades so the map pieces will be used to unlock them ... however, since there's no telling when that will take place and the map pieces take up storage space ... I have been trading them @ Carl's cabin (island) and selling them @ Wesley's ... only keeping 7 of each (so I don't have 2 start from scratch if a new island appears 2moro;) ... hope this helps:)

    · 08 Jul 04:08

    Comment found on Paradise Bay: Can anybody tell me what...

  • Julie Dennison
    Julie Dennison

    Have you got Carl's island? You use your map pieces to get special gold map pieces and you get a prize at the end of that. After that you can sell at Wesley's any map pieces you collect from your dock trades - they're worth between 319 and 462 gold coins! Or, if you don't want to complete Carl's quest, you could sell some now and keep some - I'm sure there will be other islands down the line.

    · 02 Jun 16:58

    Comment found on Paradise Bay: I have got the relic...

  • Lynn Bar
    Lynn Bar

    Try uninstalling & reinstalling. I did it 3 times! Now nothing is selling at Wesley's? ? I am getting ready to quit! Too many problems for me!!! Love the game!!!! Just need to get all the glitches out!! Moles are a problem as well, cant make anything but silver necklace! Weird!???

    · 08 Apr 02:58

    Comment found on Paradise Bay: Does anyone know where to...

  • Renata Cross
    Renata Cross

    Yes. You use that function maybe if an order comes up that requires that particular item and you want to restock it. Otherwise you just have to wait to make a sale (by fellow gamers) and as stated above eventually Wesley will take it. Doesn't usually go over a day before it disappears.

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    · 01 Mar 09:35

    Comment found on Paradise Bay: How do I clear Wesley...

  • Vicki Schuler
    Vicki Schuler

    You buy things at the world market...You sell things at Wesley's.

    · 13 Feb 18:04

    Comment found on Paradise Bay: How do you buy items...

  • SophomoricOne

    You can pay 1 diamond to take the item off the board, or if you wait long enough (several hours), Wesley will buy it. At least that is what happened to me.

    · 26 Jan 17:13

    Comment found on Paradise Bay: How do I clear Wesley...

  • Pete Peppers
    Pete Peppers moderator

    Yeah after level 17 in Paradise Bay you can go to the map table and open new islands. That is the best way to make coins is to buy goods cheap there to trade as Wesley's. I go over it in my video you can watch here -

    · 20 Dec 03:36

    Comment found on Paradise Bay: I have different maps and...

  • Willow Penn
    Willow Penn

    To make sails, you have to buy the land north of Wesley's, repair the bazaar, unlock the recipe for the sail (friendship level dependant), purchase the recipe (several pearls, as I recall) then make a sail at the weavers.

    · 04 Nov 06:07 1 thought this was helpful

    Comment found on Can't get past Paradise Bay Level 15?

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