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  • Susan Harrison
    Susan Harrison

    My toy blast reset itself without asking me. I was in over 1000 levels. Any idea what happened?

    · 28 Jan 20:00

    Comment found on Toy Blast: 1507

  • donna murrell
    donna murrell

    I'm on level 800 and something and I want to reset it and start at the beginning how do I do that

    · 27 Jan 19:01

    Comment found on Toy Blast: Uninstall

  • ute willmore
    ute willmore

    Has anybody ever climbed the tree house? I spend a 3 days trying but never it past level 2 and when I failed level 2 the game reset the tree house level back to 1 and i had to start over.. I don't think it can ge done, not with one live to climb all 5 levels!! There has to be a way to extend that live or some other trick to climb up that tree house.

    · 08 Aug 21:04

    Comment found on Toy Blast Level 124 tips and strategies

  • cammie gardner
    cammie gardner

    If its for lives, you can reset time on your phone back & get unlimited lives

    · 02 Jul 00:04

    Comment found on Toy Blast: Looking for toy blast friends...

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