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level Stuck
1 level 70 372 people
2 level 80 338 people
3 level 50 263 people
4 level 60 180 people
5 level 37 152 people
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App Details
  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Puzzle, Arcade
  • Version: 1.43.0
  • Release Date: October 15, 2014
  • Description:

    "Bee Brilliant is a match-3 puzzler with quite possibly the best theme song ever" - AppSpy.com
    "Luv this app. Colorful, easy until you get to a certain level - then very challenging and fun!" - coozoe
    "Always love finding these gems. Great game." - andrewthewriter

    Explore the world of Beeland and meet the singing Babees, the crazy Busy Bees and the cheeky spiders in this buzzing FREE puzzle game. Get ready to connect colourful lines of Babees and make awesome combos! Release your inner bee and join the beedazzling adventure TODAY!

    • Easy, addictive gameplay! Match and connect one colourful line of bees after another to unleash combos!
    • Play your way through Beeland in 6 different game modes and hundreds of addictive levels!
    • Challenge your friends! Can you Bee Brilliant enough to top their high scores?
    • Lots of crazy bees! Meet Ms. Honey, Sgt. Sting, Beecasso and others! And, of course, the singing Babees will not miss a chance to break into their buzzing mix of disco and barber shop!
    • Loads of different game modes: Pop the cheeky spiders' web, collect honey pots and much, much more!
    • Not to forget: A lifetime's supply of bee puns!

    Already played and enjoyed the game? Stay tuned for updates and do drop us a review! Also, check out these sources for all the latest news:

    Facebook: facebook.com/BeeBrilliantGame
    Twitter: twitter.com/TactileEnt

    See you in Beeland! THANK YOU!

  • Last Updated:
  • Release Notes:

    Time to head back to school and learn your A,Bee,C's!

    • Practice your flying skills in one of the BRAND NEW LEVELS!
    • Join the Beeland School Choir and sing along to the NEW SONG!
    • Out of boosters? Earn more in one of the weekly LIVE FEATURES!

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