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  • André Manzolli
    André Manzolli

    Use link blocks as much as possible

    · 01 Jun 00:00

    Comment found on Any cheats for Best Fiends Level 507?

  • André Manzolli
    André Manzolli

    Hero 4 Wu Lapoleon Nog Newt. Use link blocks as much as possible

    · 30 May 10:09

    Comment found on How to beat Best Fiends Level 504?

  • Tammy Mohr
    Tammy Mohr

    I used purple- Bo (950), red- Moose (980), green-Temper (850), blue doesn't matter, yellow- Kwincy (525) but probably could have used JoJo or Woody. Let the spout guy spit out the link block then use it. While the spout guy is down, get as many things as you can. When he comes back up, only take out things that are not adjacent him so he spits out another link. Thenrepeat that until the yellow flower is released. Next time you have a link block make sure you take the link block and the yellow flower. Continue this unless you can make matxhes in the bottom area on your own. If you can make a match on the bottom without using the block and without touching the spout guy he will spit out another link block allowing you to get further out. If you get one of the X block (Bo or Moose) try to let him fall to the bottom and then use him to take out the tree stumps toward the bottom that will release the bugs. You should not have to kill more than one bug. If you get the horizontal block (Temper) get him to just below the bugs and take out both sides. If another X becomes available don't use it unless you have to in order to release the bugs or open the other lane of stumps so the bugs don't block the single lane and you get a better flow of new blocks. Then get all the yellow you can. Don't worry about killing off a couple of bugs as there are too many. I had to use the +5 moves 1 time to finish.

    · 15 Jan 05:30 1 thought this was helpful

    Comment found on Stuck on Best Fiends Level 388?

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