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App Details
  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Casino, Board
  • Version: 1.4.2
  • Release Date: January 23, 2020
  • Description:

    If you are a bingo 75 fan and you love pets, you will fall in love with Bingo Friends! Explore the cutest world and help your faithful partner Sir Monty to reunite all of his friends back together. Will you be able to achieve it? They need you!

    -Funny pets
    Let the Bingo Friends introduce themselves:

    -Sir Monty the Corgi: Hello Friend! If you love exploring this amazing city and looking for an amazing pal, I'm the one! Come with me and we will live lots of amazing adventures together!
    -Jamie the Pug: There's nothing better than a fresh fish and chips ready to eat at the park! ¿Are you in? Come on, the tea is ready!
    -Maggie the Cat: I love warm cuddles and take a latte while I play with my favorite ball of wool.Can’t wait to be your purr-fect friend!
    -Elvis the cockatoo: Hey buddy! Don't you love old rock 'n' roll music? Because I would love you to join me to get some vinyl and rock this party!
    -Darwin the tortoise: Did you know that you can learn lots of awesome things at the museum? Let's go, the learning bus is on its way!

    And many more pets, come and discover them

    -Entertaining rooms
    In every bingo room on Bingo Friends, you will unlock a funny collection that allows you to get a new friend in your collection. Would you be able to get them all? Come on! Sir Monty needs you! What are you waiting for?

    -Picnic Park. The cutest adventure starts on a fun picnic! Help Sir Monty to find Jamie!
    -Cat Coffee. Who said that dogs and cats can't be friends? In the second room of Bingo Friends, you can find Maggie the cat, one of Sir Monty's best friends.
    -Museum. Amazing surprises await you in the museum! Will you be able to find Darwin the tortoise? He has huge things to tell you!
    -Vintage Day. ou have arrived at Vintage Day. Elvis the cackatoo is waiting for you with a lot of Rock n’Roll! Will you find him?
    -Fun Fair. Mr Beanie the hamster is waiting for you with a lot of jokes and comedy shows!

    And many more rooms, come and discover them

    -Cute collections
    Did you think that you only had friends and rooms? In Bingo Friends you will also find collectibles! They are so important, apart from cute, because when you complete them, you will get a new friend! Play at Bingo Friends if you want to know how to get them!

    -Powerful Power-Ups
    Rare, epic or legendary...The power-ups are what your friend needs to become powerful. Use them every time you can and be the first to call bingo!

    -Practical bags
    Special, epic, legendary or supreme...the bags are even more useful than the power-ups. Download Bingo Friends to discover why you need them!

    Principal features of Bingo Friends
    -Play easily everywhere.
    -The better and entertaining bingo 75 rooms.
    -Free rewards every 3 hours.
    -The most charismatic and cute friends.
    -Mini Slot to get entertained while you wait to start a new game begins.
    -Power ups that let you call bingo even faster.
    -Bags with mysterious prizes.
    -Daily bonus: Come back every day and your reward will be better!
    -Monty's Show: Spin the roulette every day and let's set this party off right!

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    If you have any doubts, visit https://bingo-friends.com or https://support.bingo-friends.com .

    This product is intended for people over the age of 21 for entertainment purposes. Success in social casino games does not imply success in the future with gambling games using real money. These games are not “gambling games with real money” and they do not offer the chance to win real money or prizes.

    Do you need any more reasons to play? Come on! Download the app and help Sir Monty to get all of his friends together in Bingo Friends

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  • Release Notes:

    Here's an update with new fixes to improve your game experience!

    You can see a new summary animation and some changes on your bag rewards.

    Have your discovered all friends? They're waiting for you!