Dig a Way by Digi Ten, Tecnologia da Informacao Ltda - ME

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Which level is the hardest?
level Stuck
1 Hidden Cave - level 14 28 people
2 Hidden Cave - level 10 24 people
3 Hidden Cave - level 17 18 people
4 Clockwork Pyramid - level 15 17 people
5 Hidden Cave - level 18 16 people
App Details
  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Action, Puzzle
  • Version: 1.005
  • Release Date: March 5, 2015
  • Description:

    Dig a Way is a beautifully animated puzzle adventure that will challenge your mind and reflexes!

    Explore exotic locations to find ancient treasures and artifacts buried down deep.

    Move, Dig, Dash and Interact to solve clever puzzles and avoid deadly traps and enemies. But be careful! Once you move down, you can't go back up!!

    Use your earnings to unlock stylish outfits, collect unique artifacts in your museum, and more!

    Over 70 levels in 4 unique worlds with new mechanics, creatures and challenges!

  • Last Updated:
  • Release Notes:

    * You can now listen to your own music when you play! Game music and sounds can be muted in the pause menu.

    * We swapped level 17 in Hidden Cave with level 17 in Clockwork Pyramid! Now its Fixed!
    * Level tuning (Hidden Cave 18, Abandoned Mine 10, Deep Root Ruins 17, Clockwork Pyramid 17 and 18)
    * Fixed a player collision bug with the boulder and Gear Block
    * Fixed an error that triggered sometimes when the frog eats the player
    * Fixed a bug that caused some chain reactions with multiple frogs to behave incorrectly (Clockwork Pyramid level 15)
    * Prices now display local currency type as well as value

    Hope everyone is having a good time Digging Away! If you have any questions, bugs, or feedback, send us a message on facebook!!

    And if you're enjoying Dig a Way, please help us out by giving a 5 star rating!