Genies & Gems by Jam City, Inc.

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App Details
  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Puzzle, Arcade
  • Version: 62.43.121
  • Release Date: January 20, 2016
  • Description:

    Thieves have stolen the jewels from the Palace and there is only one person who has the power to get them back!

    From the makers of Cookie Jam and Panda Pop, comes Genies & Gems,  the treasure of match 3 puzzle adventure games.

    Journey through mystical worlds with Jenni the Genie and her companion, Trix the Fox, to crush the thieves that have stolen the Palace’s riches. Swap ,match, and crush gems, recover ancient relics, and collect gold bars and enchanted keys on this one-of-a-kind enchanted exploration!

    With thousands of levels and challenging game modes, and daily events, Genies & Gems provides endless hours of fun and exciting match 3 puzzle gameplay:

    * Swap, match, and crush gems in thousands of fun and challenging match-3 puzzle levels

    * Collect keys to unlock new worlds and crush challenges!

    * Use exciting power-ups the Gilded Rainbow or Gilded Butterfly to swiftly advance through challenging levels!

    * Uncover idols and collect gold along the way!

    * Play exciting new events and challenging match 3 puzzle levels daily! 

    * Soaring Streaks: Get prizes for beating levels without losing a life

    * Run the Jewels: Explore and complete bandit hideouts on a single life to win rewards

    * Bandit Rush: Catch bandits at different points in your journey to win boosters

    Download Genies & Gems and begin your magical journey today!

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    Love this game!   (5 STARS)

    Love this game it helps me relax and keeps me busy instead of being bored....... (5 STARS)

    I love love love Genies & Gems what a great game to play, thanks guys. (5 STARS)  

    Just love the game.  It kind of reminds me of playing Candy Crush, but it’s more fun, with better challenges. (5 STARS)

    If you love jewel like puzzle games or games like Candy Crush, then this game is equally fun and addictive. (5 STARS)

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  • Release Notes:

    New episode available! 20 new levels!

    Chapter 126 - "Vikings and Queens"

    "W-would y-you l-look at t-that?" Jenni stammered, teeth chattering in the cold. "A Viking longship! Do you think we're near the end of our journey?"

    Trix peered through the blizzard toward the glowing origin of a screeching noise. "I don't believe my eyes, and even if I did, I have a feeling our quest ain't over."

    Jenni fixed her eyes on the lady, "Even with the singing? I wish we encountered ONE cliché that could be trusted!"

    Update now for new levels, with 20 more each week!