HelloNikki - Let's Beauty Up by xiong xiang

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App Details
  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Role Playing, Adventure
  • Version: 4.0
  • Release Date: October 13, 2015
  • Description:

    【Hello Nikki - Let’s Beauty Up】An innovative education simulation dress up game, like a cool breeze, now debuts!
    Hello Nikki is custom-designed for you if you dream of dressing up beautifully while travelling around the world! Thousands of beautiful outfits, millions of stylish collocations! Enjoy interesting stories and super cute scenes during your world-wide travel with Nikki, and improve your taste on fashion everyday!

    ● A perfect combination of RPG and Dress Up Game. Meet new friends while travelling the world, challenge new missions, solve interesting riddles, and experience fun events in this fantastic clothes changing journey!
    ● Delicate character picturing and country mapping, Offering unique visual enjoyment to you.
    ● Weekly competition for dressing and styling.You can compete with all other users around the world, or instead, be part of a jury yourself!
    ● Thousands of outfits is available now .New clothes and accessories are continuously Updating, including traditional costumes of different nations , and lots of cute Props.
    ● Unique and accurate evaluation system- A challenge to your aesthetics and the taste of styling. Do your best to reach the S level!The S level collocations would be great reference to your daily dressing.
    ● To be a task expert! Generous treasures will be awarded for the one who gets top ranking scores by completing daily missions.
    ● Creative and fun game play, with a unique Affection Level system. Enjoy the fun of collecting clothing materials and tailoring. The Mystery House would bring you great excitement and plenty of presents. Can’t wait!Join Hello Nikki to Begin a journey to fun and beauty right now!

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    【Hello Nikki - Let’s Beauty Up】-全球首款清新换装养成手游,玩美登场!

    ● 换装与RPG完美融合!在世界环游的过程中不断结识新朋友,挑战新关卡,寻找谜题的答案,体验充满乐趣的剧情!
    ● 精美细腻的画质,绝赞的人物立绘,精巧细致的地图,将带来与众不同的视觉享受!
    ● 每周一次的搭配评选赛,可以报名参赛与全球玩家比较搭配,还可以当评委反客为主!
    ● 上千款精美服饰可供选择,目前仍在不断更新中!可随意创造过亿种不同搭配,更有地域特色服装和众多萌物道具让你目不暇接!
    ● 独创的精准评价系统。和朋友一起大胆搭配,挑战你的S级审美和衣服搭配能力!贴近生活的剧情对日常穿衣搭配极具参考价值喔!
    ● 疯狂任务达人。进入游戏完成每日任务,累计得分登上排行榜,还可获得丰厚的奖励喔!
    ● 创意多样的玩法,融合好感度养成系统!体验收集材料亲手制作衣服的乐趣,尝试新鲜刺激的谜之屋,更有大量礼物送出!心动了吗?赶快加入Nikki的玩美之旅吧!
    粉丝页: https://www.facebook.com/gamedreamer.HelloNikki
    讨论区: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HelloNikki/
    Wechat: HelloNikki
    邮箱: [email protected]
    服务时间: 08:00 - 23:00

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  • Release Notes:

    Updates Content:
    1.New Map: “Egypt”, “Kenya”, “South Africa”, “AustraliaⅠ”, “AustraliaⅡ”;
    2.New suits, clothes and function of searching clothes ;
    3.New Events: “Time Lof”, “Astrology”, “World Tour, Challenge”, “Monthly Top Up Bonus”, “Clover Garden”, “Magic Styling Match”, “Sky Challenge”;
    1.新增地图:“Egypt”,“Kenya”, “South Africa”, “AustraliaⅠ”, “AustraliaⅡ” ;
    3.新增活动:“Time Lof”, “Astrology”, “World Tour, Challenge”, “Monthly Top Up Bonus”, “Clover Garden”, “Magic Styling Match”, “Sky Challenge”;