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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    Original list:
    (1st Clue) Speed Boat
    (2nd Clue) Telegram
    Banana Peel
    Beaded Curtain
    Cake Stand
    Cardboard Box
    Cocktail Shaker
    Coffee Cup
    Coin Purse
    Deck Chair
    Feather Duster
    Ice Bucket
    Ice Cream
    Ice Cream Cart
    Infinity Symbol
    Paper Bag
    Paper Spike
    Wind Chime

    · 07 Jan 19:53

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  • Dimitri Missinne
    Dimitri Missinne

    The game is progressing quickly enough for me. You really don't need real cash to speed it up. I'm at level 468 at the moment. I'm currently playing level 456. My flower count is always 10 - 20 levels ahead of the level I'm playing. In the next 24 hours, I'll be gaining another 10 - 15 levels with the completion of the Grand Greenhouse (2400) and the 800-flower one from the november seasonal set. I'm usually playing 1 or 2 new levels each day, depending on how fast I reach my goal (like Ms. Tearius says). My goal for each level is set at 664.000 points (or 663.000 if it's an annoying one...). I could progress faster if I wanted to. I still have 179 star boxes, 71 5-star boxes, 19 star-boosters and about 40 photos in the landhouse at my disposal. But that would leave me without a life... :) What Eoin Palmer says is also correct. I started noticing that Jack is giving more flowers and at a faster rate after the completion of my last building. Although I haven't seen one above 200 at the moment.

    · 16 Nov 13:26

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    Adam, to speed things up a bit more, you can also consider selling some decoration to get coins, but be careful that you don't sell too much and lose more flowers than you will receive. You only get half the coins back that you paid for each decoration. You could also consider buying some decoration with 1000 or 1600 flowers to get you back on track. I probably play more than you daily, since it takes me about 10 days to come up with 72K coins. Just know that your slow down is temporary and things will pick up when you are able to continually buy and place decoration without running out of space. Not all scenes will require so many flowers to advance. They will range from 70 to 530 flowers.

    · 27 Oct 02:47

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  • Wendy Shores
    Wendy Shores

    My team came in 2nd place on the competition on July 31st. We had 10 people play, I am level 482 and my team mates are close to the same. How can a team of FOUR with their highest level being 142 beat 10 people with only 45 minutes on the clock to play? Its impossible dammit. I am going to contact Wooga with screenshots I took and demand they look into this. My team are not sore losers but when someone is cheating, yeah, I have something to say about that. I didnt do any of the summer competition cause I couldnt figure out how to access it but others did. If you go to YouTube and type in June's Journey hack, there are videos that show people racking up coins and diamonds (which you can keep refilling bars with) with incredible speed. Um no. Something needs to be done about this crap.

    · 02 Aug 01:53

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  • Kerridwen Keri
    Kerridwen Keri

    Thank you. I’m so tired of being called cheaters when we have knowledge of technology on our side. We know the best way to play the game. A computer??? Who plays this game on a computer? We use the smallest phone screen we can find using two thumbs to clear items at lightening speed. We go left to right so we can read the next two items before we have removed the last of the first three. I will say it again and I’m not age shaming. The majority of people playing this game are 50-60s they don’t understand competitive gaming.

    · 21 Jul 07:35

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    Your total score is the highest when you reach the fifth star and is the sum of 4 scores: Base score is 454,000 maximum, for tapping the first 8 objects in order, as written left to right. Accuracy score is 40,000 max for not mis-tapping. Hint score is 40,000 max for not using any hints. Speed score depends on your speed, which can be increased by reading 2 or 3 words at a time. "Perfect" rating is achieved by finding all objects before the bonus bar at the top runs down at any time, without hints or misses, and does not reflect order or speed (other than no lapse of the bonus bar). Highest scores are achieved by having “perfect” rating, plus speed and order (although some player’s speed can overcome the deficiency of not tapping in order). The leaderboard will show your highest score in that scene, compared to other players in your gaming group. Earning the top spot (the red hat) will not give any game bonus/advantage.

    · 30 May 16:52

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    When I click on the hanger, it shows me what delivery is expected (22,545 coins) and time (2 days 11 hours) and how many diamonds it will cost if I want to speed up delivery and have those coins delivered to me right now (92 diamonds).

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    · 03 Apr 04:27

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    You can speed up construction by spending diamonds.

    · 01 Jan 20:14

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    The gold stars indicate your progression in the game. Every scene you master, you get 5 more stars. As you gain stars, you get more items open for you to buy in the store. Along with compasses, stars allow you to open more land.

    Purple diamonds are the most precious currency. You can use them to buy certain decoration that you cannot buy with coins. Save 799 of them to buy the permanent 150 energy bar. You can use them to speed up building upgrades and decor maturation. You can also use them to buy more energy, but that seems like a waste, IMHO. When special gift bushes are available, you can also spend diamonds to gift a special bush to a friend, who upon removal will gain coins.

    · 19 Aug 06:08

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    Yes, I think the game/island has the capability to expand, but the developers have limited the speed of expansion by increasing the number of compasses needed to expand a single plot. So players are intentionally slowed down tremendously. Only those who focus on high-prestige items will be able to progress in the long run. Unless the developers listens to all the complaints and lower the compass requirement, lots of players will just quit.

    · 17 May 20:19

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