Last Empire – War Z: Zombie Strategy Game by LONG TECH NETWORK LIMITED

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  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Strategy, Role Playing
  • Version: 1.0.140
  • Release Date: December 4, 2015
  • Description:

    Battle other survivors from around the world and train your own zombie army in Last Empire – War Z, the base-building war game! Defend your empire as the walking dead roam the streets and the apocalypse alliance tries to destroy your empire. Survive the zombie apocalypse in Last Empire - War Z and develop your empire with allied survivors to slaughter zombie troops. Can you be the strongest survivor of them all?

    Last Empire - War Z is a free zombie apocalypse-themed survivor game. Battle against zombies and other survivors to build your empire and army. Team up with allies from around the world to fight enemies, defend against the walking dead and participate in online events. Gather resources to support your army and grow your empire in Last Empire - War Z!

    Last Empire - War Z Features:

    End of the World Survivor Games
    *Play free survivor games with other players online!
    *View zombie battles on the world map in real-time and chat with alliance members worldwide!
    *Fight an army of the walking dead and other survivors to expand your empire!

    Build an Army of Survivors
    *Zombie Troops: Train deadly zombie troops as part of your army to destroy enemies!
    *Improve your army and recruit Officers with unique survival skills and abilities!
    *Use the Varied Skill Trees and develop your army to fit your play style!

    Take on the Zombie Apocalypse Online 
    *In-game events offer constant challenges and great rewards!
    *Work together to achieve powerful bonuses in survivor alliance activities!
    *Participate in base-building strategy games and use new technology to fight the walking dead!

    Destroy zombies, clash with other survivors or join a powerful alliance as you struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse in the world of Last Empire - War Z!

    Download today and take part in the zombie war!

  • Last Updated:
  • Release Notes:

    WarZ Arena
    ·In the Arena, reduced losses from each battle
    ·Adjusted City Ruins spawn points
    ·New: Teams cannot be formed on non-game days
    ·Improved the Main Interface Icon: When team members are not all ready, the icon below the text will show a flashing tip.

    Desert Expedition
    ·Now after learning the Ability "War Maniac," you can attack Commanders who are gathering resources on the World Map.
    ·Fixed a problem of number display problems in the Desert Conflict Rankings
    ·Fixed a problem where Marching to Explore was slowed

    ·Added a display of the enemy's coordinates to the Radar Interface.
    ·New: Active but unused Officer Skills can be deactivated, and the Skills will not enter cooldown.
    ·Added a new recovery function for partially used resource plots. The fewer resources left in the resource plot, the faster the system will remove them.
    ·New: The Switch Network interface is more intuitive so you can see connections from different lines.

    New content is launching, so stay tuned!
    WarZ Arena
    ·Added a View Battle Record function.
    ·Click on the "Season Record" button in the event interface to view recent battles.
    ·You can view the last 10 game records, or check team information to view recent matches.
    ·New: Whenever you join a team, the system will automatically add you to the Arena Team Chat Room.
    ·You can enter the Arena Team Chat Room in the chat box in the main interface, or in the Arena Team Chat Room.
    ·You can use the Team Chat Room to discuss strategy with your teammates
    ·When you exit the team, the system will automatically remove you from the team chat room.
    · Now, your Gathering forces in your original State will not automatically return when you enter the Arena to participate in a match
    · The system will add a Protection State for your gathering army, protecting it for a certain period of time.
    · Protection State ensures that your forces safely gather while you're participating

    New medal
    Racer Medal is coming, help you become stronger!