Lil Quest - Match 3 by XIMAD, Inc.

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1 level 98 71 people
2 level 112 41 people
3 level 166 30 people
4 level 124 26 people
5 level 86 22 people
App Details
  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Puzzle, Arcade
  • Version: 2.2.1
  • Release Date: June 22, 2014
  • Description:

    Help save the world of Gems and Dragons! Match-3 your way through beautiful, jewel encrusted world while making new friends with cute little dragonlings in this exciting puzzler.

    Lil Quest is a new, fun take on the Match-3 favorites that will keep you busy for hours on end! Create powerful boosts and combos to help you beat the most challenging of levels, gain highest of scores and compete with your friends!

    Features you’ll love and enjoy:

    - New, never before seen, brain-teasingly fun obstacles and challenges to explore and overcome!

    - Gorgeous, sparkly, glittery, twinkly 2D and 3D artwork that will make your eyes scream with excitement!

    - Beautiful, happy and relaxing original soundtrack that will make your ears perk-up and heart sing along with the rest of the Lil Quest creatures.

    - Hundreds of painstakingly created levels that will leave you asking for more!

    - More fun updates and improvements are already on the way!

    - Strong community support and thoughtful game designers that will listen and adapt the game to all of your needs and wants!

    Visit our Facebook Lil Quest community

    Any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate and contact us at [email protected]

    Please note that Lil Quest is totally free to play but does include various in-app options. You can turn off the in-app payment features in your device’s settings.

  • Last Updated:
  • Release Notes:

    We added a new Avatar Frame reward system! More you play, the more cool frames for your little avatar and rewards you will find!
    And as usual, we've polished off a couple of things under the hood.
    Please continue to rate us highly after each update!
    Questions? Please use our in-game help system or write to [email protected]
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