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  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Sports, Sports, Action
  • Version: 1.0
  • Release Date: April 4, 2018
  • Description:

    The NBA 2K game you’ve come to know and love is now available on the go, with NBA 2K Mobile! The newest game from the 2K franchise brings the HD graphics and NBA experience of our classic game to your mobile device.

    Step into 5v5 games with realistic 3D graphics! 2K quality gameplay gives you an authentic basketball experience on your phone or tablet.

    Jump on the court as your favorite NBA team! Unlock NBA player cards of all tiers, from bronze to diamond. Collect over 250 NBA players, from newcomers to historic greats. Optimize position and player match-ups for Advantage Boosts!

    Run drills to keep your players at the top of their game! Power up each player’s stats by practicing dunks, layups, 3-point shots, and more! Unlock equipment to raise your MyTeam Power Score and level up your game.

    Face off against opposing teams in single-player challenges! Play through four quarters of basketball and win season games until you earn your way to the Conference Finals. The tougher the opposition, the greater the rewards!

    Compete for your place on global and local leaderboards and rise from prospect to legend! Face off against the teams used by players around the world and win fans to boost your ranking. Earn more rewards the higher you rank!

    Log in daily to earn extra rewards! Complete daily objectives to earn more coins and card packs, so you can get more players and gear.

    Download now to become a 2K legend with the new NBA 2K Mobile game!

    - Supported Devices -
    iOS device with iOS 10.3.2 or later installed
    iPhone6s (9th gen iphone) or later
    iPad Pro
    iPad (5th gen ipad) or later
    iPad Air2 (2nd gen ipad air) or later
    iPad mini4 (4th generation ipad mini) or later

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