Pogocat by 2PT PTY LTD

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  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Action, Arcade
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Release Date: September 13, 2018
  • Description:

    So you think you know how to manage a cat on a pogo-stick? Well, here you go. Prove it.

    The sky is blue, the grass is green and Pogocat is prepared for a wholesome day of jumping. Hop, flip, spring, boing, and skip with her as far as possible across the grassy mountain plains.

    Pleasant? Perhaps, but probably not. After all, it's a cat on a pogo-stick. There will be falls, and there will be tears. Patience is essential on Pogocat's journey.

    - An endless, gruelling journey with you, a pogo stick and a persistent hopping cat.
    - High-difficulty, physically-simulated pogo motion-dynamics.
    - Feline outfits to make the journey more colourful (yes, Pogocat actually enjoys dress-ups)
    - Ad removal for distraction-free jumping.
    - A feline friendship worth working for.

    Remember that feeling that you once had where one day you'd come across a cat on a pogo-stick? The day has come, and it's a beautiful one at that.

    Sound design & music by Dom Willmott.

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  • Release Notes:

    Bug fixes.