Skilli World-Real Money Trivia by Under The Tree Ltd.

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App Details
  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Trivia
  • Version: 1.3.1
  • Release Date: March 31, 2019
  • Description:

    Looking for a trivia game where you can actually win money? Look no further.

    Welcome to Skilli World - The best app in the universe to win real money playing trivia!

    **REAL MONEY**

    Skilli has been changing lives daily with real money Prizes in her Daily Mastermind Tournament!

    Payouts are made easy on Skilli World with PayPal.


    Answer True or False Questions on fun and exciting topics every night at 9:30pm EST and get paid... It’s as simple as that! There are also smaller real money Tournaments that run 24/7!

    Skilli offers SkillUPs to her players – these are second lives that can be used in a Tournament when a player answers a question Incorrectly. SkillUPs have proved to be extremely valuable and can be the difference between winning $50 and winning $1000!

    **REAL FUN**

    Play with your friends to see who can go the distance and cash out!

    Knowledge Points are given to players for every Tournament they enter and every question they answer Correctly. Knowledge Points are one way to unlock SkillUPs – earn enough Points and Skilli will give you an extraordinary Prize!


    Check out Skilli’s Tournament Schedule in the app and on Instagram @SkilliWorld

    Also, see what Skilli is saying on Twitter: @SkilliSays

    Don’t forget to turn on Notifications so you never miss a big game!

    Visit: www.skilliworld.com for more information!


    You may actually win large amounts of money playing Skilli World that you can start paying your bills with your skills. We recommend not leaving your day job! Please consult your accountant if you notice your bank account growing at an alarming rate.


    And play your first Tournament for FREE! Just follow the email instructions after your Register!

    See you in Tonight’s game

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  • Release Notes:

    - Leaderboards
    - Player Loyalty Program
    - Bug fixes and improvements