SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off by Tilting Point LLC

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App Details
  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Simulation, Casual
  • Version: 1.0.7
  • Release Date: February 4, 2020
  • Description:

    Let’s get cookin’!

    Join SpongeBob SquarePants on a hilarious culinary adventure through the restaurants and kitchens of Bikini Bottom! When Mr. Krabs realizes there’s more money to be earned in the fast food business, the penny-pinching entrepreneur sets out to expand his empire, starting with a breakfast stand outside of SpongeBob’s house… and who better to help him run it than SpongeBob SquarePants himself?


    • Enjoy fun & fast-paced cooking gameplay as you make foods seen in SpongeBob SquarePants!
    • See the exclusive and hilarious story of SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off
    • Interact with Mr. Krabs, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and many other familiar faces!
    • Visit your favorite SpongeBob landmarks and cook up grub!
    • Design your own versions of your favorite Bikini Bottom restaurants!
    • Hundreds of levels to master on your journey to be the best fry cook!
    • Beautiful graphics of Bikini Bottom and its habitants!

    • Open a breakfast stand outside of SpongeBob’s house
    • Cook Krabby Patties at the Krusty Krab!
    • Grill up some Texas Barbeque at Sandy’s Treedome!
    • And much more coming soon!

    Please Note: This SpongeBob cooking game is a free to play game that includes optional in-app purchases. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

  • Last Updated:
  • Release Notes:

    Hey, Fry Cooks – We’ve just released a delicious new update, get it today and start grilling with great new gameplay enhancements. Stay tuned, new restaurants, live events and more are coming soon. Thanks for playing!