Tap Tap Fish - Abyssrium Pole by FLERO GAMES Co.,Ltd.

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  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Education, Family, Simulation
  • Version: 1.1.2
  • Release Date: January 8, 2020
  • Description:

    The sequel to the hit indie “Tap Tap Fish -- Abyssrium”, this game brings the same lovably gameplay to a new, arctic world. Easy to start and simple to play, you can build your own polar aquarium with just a quick tap!

    Set on a lonely iceberg in the arctic sea, this game allows you to experience the peaceful calm of the arctic ocean. Polar bears, arctic foxes, sea lions and more adorable animals await you on land, while hundreds of deep sea fish are discoverable in the deep sea. Each animal is carefully designed by our artists in a beautiful low poly style that we’re sure you’ll love.

    How to play?
    Level up your lonely Iceberg by tapping
    Add decorations to speed up your taps.
    Use hearts to create your fish and animals.

    1. Simple Control---- create coral and fish with just a simple tap
    2. Amazing graphics--- beautiful low-poly graphics viewable in full 3D HD
    3. Lovely background music---- The voice of the whale & the delicate sound of water droplets all guide you to a calm, ASMR world.
    4. Social friendly --- easily share your awesome creations to your friends over social media

    ▣Pre-registration Event▣
    If the number of pre-registrations reach 1M, you will get all the prizes below!
    Prize Tiers:
    - 100K Pre-registrations: 100 pearls
    - 300K Pre-registrations: 200 pearls
    - 500K Pre-registrations: 300 pearls
    - 1M Pre-registrations: 500 pearls and a special character!!

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