Tesla Tubes: Think & Solve our Logic Game Puzzles by Kiloo

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App Details
  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Puzzle, Board
  • Version: 1.3.6
  • Release Date: March 17, 2016
  • Description:

    Travel through a world of over 600 free brain-teasing puzzles and adventures! Match, link and connect colourful, vibrant batteries to help wacky Professor Droo power-up the Tesla Tubes in his magical machine park!

    Flow through colorful and vibrant levels with quirky gadgets, and connect batteries to win Gold Stars and prizes. Match and link together machine park circuits with bright patterns and tubes to help the nutty professor and his grandson embark on their jolly journey!

    With Tesla Tubes you will:
    - Enjoy a completely fun and free-to-play game! Super addictive!
    - Play over 600 levels of vibrant and colorful puzzle games
    - Win great challenges by solving wacky Tesla Tubes patterns
    - Claim rewards and receive clues to draw lines and connect batteries
    - Start with easy games and level up to the best brain-teasing puzzles
    - Cross bridges, dodge bombs and overcome vibrant obstacles
    - Test your logic with brain teasing puzzles and colorful tubes
    - Earn super hints by playing and solving quirky game challenges
    - Match, connect and link batteries to build colorful tubes
    - Level up to brain-bending puzzles with automatic timers
    - Get the Gold Stars for perfect solutions and unlock secret surprises
    - Connect with Facebook, save your progress and sync your devices

    Follow the colorful patterns towards success

    Follow the patterns to match batteries and help the quirky scientist build the colorful Tesla Tubes. Start with easy vibrant puzzles and advance through obstacles, timers, and engaging challenges! Draw lines and link tubes across the circuit board to cover as many tiles as you can! But be careful, you’re only allowed a certain number of moves to complete the puzzle and advance through the levels. Use your logic and thinking skills!

    Get hints towards solving the brainiac puzzles

    This addicting game offers hints to help continue your quest towards building the magical machine park - and the more links you build, the more super hints you earn! Earn Gold Stars when you solve perfect solutions and unlock top secret surprises as you flow forward! Challenge your wit and solve electrifying puzzles to power up the Tesla Tubes!

    Level up and challenge your puzzle solving wit

    Level up and challenge yourself to cross bridges, dodge bombs and pass engaging obstacles. Constantly test your puzzle thinking skills as you continue your quest towards building the Tesla Tubes!

    Try to solve numerous puzzles in a row and take on the biggest challenges on the circuit board. It’s time to help nutty professor Droo and his grandson launch their brainiac inventions and partake in their playful machine park fun! Ready for some arcade games? Let’s go!

    Play in the magical machine park with friends

    Get ready to travel through a land of fantasy and adventure with your Facebook friends! Build the Tesla Tubes with friends and join them on the machine park map. Login with Facebook to sync your devices. We’ll save your progress so you can pick up where you left off on your magical adventure, on any device! Now let’s have some of the best battery fun!

    Our fun challenging games will have you test your logic to solve cryptic puzzles and venture further into the magical machine park. Time to challenge yourself to brain-teasing fun!

    Download Tesla Tubes to travel through a colorful and vibrant world of fantasy and adventure.

    Presented by Kiloo and Voony Games.

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    Bug fixes and optimizations