Unlikely Heroes by Cyberloge Interactive Limited

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App Details
  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Adventure, Role Playing
  • Version: 1.0
  • Release Date: January 9, 2018
  • Description:

    Long long ago, in a land far far away, the vicious dragon came from above. Alas, the dragon destroyed our homeland and villagers awaited for a true hero. Wait...What?! The Mighty Warrior retired already?
    Fine, then I'll leap into this grand adventure of Dragons and save the world myself!

    Game features:

    **Gather Your Heroes**
    Only you and your heroic comrades can save the world! Characters like Lonely Shepherd and Tavern Maid await you to take them to march to victory!

    **Fight Through the World**
    Travel through the thick Forest, across the vast Desert, through the boundless Snowland, and traverse the Enchanting Land to complete all of the challenging mazes.

    **Rebuild the Village**
    Find the missing villagers, rebuild every house and workshop, help your fellas renovate the village!

    **Train as an Alchemist**
    Practice Alchemy, Transmute lead into gold, create the elixir of immortality and craft all kinds of items that will help you on your journey!

  • Last Updated:
  • Release Notes:

    What's New in Version 1.0

    - Celebrate global launch, the Snow Festival is back!
    - More bounties! The crafters need your help.
    - Our heroes can speak French, German, and Russian now!
    - Caught some annoying bugs.