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    Lee TTindale commented on Witchy World - the magical puzzle game

    On level 142 and have to get rid of 4 eyeballs but all that's happening is I'm going around in circles getting nowhere, need help

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    Lee TTindale commented on Solitaire TriPeaks by GSN Games

    The usual 12 hour block where we can't get coins. My timer clicked over at 4am and it's now 10.30am and I've still got 13 and a half hours before I can get coins. That sucks it's bad enough with 12 hours but 20 hours plzzzzzzz. Why do that? Why don't you work in the premise that people go to sleep at night and therefore can't get coins anyway.
    Also my ranking icon was finally given back to me (case number 9982 I think) but you didn't give me the 15000 coins I would of got over those 3 weeks!
    Your not a very fair game I buy coins and lots of them and u still don't give any leeway. Why?
    email [email protected]

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