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    Nick Myint commented on Bears vs. Art Level 125 tips and strategies

    From the start move and turn on the blue switch:
    Right, Top Left Diagonal, Left, Right, Left, Bottom Right Diagonal, Left, Bottom Right Diagonal, Bottom Left Diagonal.
    You must move back to the top without collecting the (Fixed) middle bottom art.
    Top Right Diagonal, Left, Top Right Diagonal.
    Use this time to collect remaining (random) art from the top.
    When the blocks are set up as shown below, you should be in the position as shown.
    Move Up and collect the top (fixed) art. (Turns on green blocks)
    Move Down.
    (It is possible that you need to move right to collect your final (random) art.

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    Nick Myint commented on Tips for Bears vs. Art Level 122

    Art 1. Diagonal bottom left, up.
    Art 2. Right, diagonal bottom left, diagonal top left, down.
    Art 3. Up.
    Art 4. Up, right, diagonal bottom left, up.
    Art 5. Left, right, left, right, left, down, up, down, down.
    Art 6. Up, down, right, diagonal bottom left.
    Art 7. Right, right, right, diagonal top left, up.
    Art 8. Down, right, left.

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