Would you rather?! by Daniel Lulic

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  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Board, Trivia
  • Version: 2.2.2
  • Release Date: September 12, 2016
  • Description:

    Get ready for this very special day of the year!

    And don't forget to try out all the new categories - YouTube for the tutorial and gaming video addicts, Pokémon for all the trainers, Party for the those who like to have fun and Everyday life to rethink your choices and routines! Take a pick!

    Sometimes in life, you have to make choices that will change your future for sure. Have you ever wondered "Would I rather do this or that"? You may have seen some funny videos where famous youtubers were embarrassing themselves with this crazy game ! As fun as " Truth or Dare " and " Never have I ever " games , play with friends to have very hilarious moments ! This free game may be used as you prefer :
    - Conundrum game
    - Slumber party
    - Drinking game
    ... and a lot more

    Well let us introduce to you our brand new app : "Would you rather?!".
    Also known as "this or that", or "either", or "would you rather"
    « Would you rather?! » is a super fun app of dilemmas (that won't affect your life hopefully ^^).

    Would you rather have one leg or one arm? Would you rather eat 20 grasshoppers or 10 flies? Hard to tell eh?
    Home alone or partying with friends, enjoy answering hundreds of dilemmas through the following categories:

    - Random
    - Human body
    - Gross
    - Hot / Love
    - Funny
    - Videogames
    - Drinks / Food
    - TV series / Movies
    - Impossible Choices
    - YouTube
    - Pokémon
    - Everyday life
    - Romantic
    - Party!

    Save your favorite dilemmas in the favorites section, see what the other users answered thanks to the statistics to see if the majority agreed with you or not.

    Ever wondered what you or your friends would rather do between being invisible or immortal? Become a unicorn or a mammoth? Find out now and share dilemmas on social media with your friends !

    Letting kids play ? Stay safe using our « allow adult content » functionnality. The app is also available in french and in english.

    So, what are you waiting for ? Download the app « Would you rather?! » and have hours of fun right now ! You can even use it as a drunkit, when you are in a party ! Pray hard now to get soft questions ! :p

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