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  • Clare Jeromes
    Clare Jeromes

    You need to put the chest by the windmill storage. It's the chest you open with gold keys you make

    · 03 Nov 12:54

    Comment found on Paradise Bay: Place the compass by where you catch the wind

  • 911 16CKo
    911 16CKo

    you place it near the windmill storage

    · 02 Nov 06:35

    Comment found on Paradise Bay: Place the compass where you purchase things you need

  • Trina B
    Trina B

    I got a new phone and all my games except Paradise Bay were transferred across with their progress saved, but not this one. I had to download it and start from scratch. After about two weeks I still cannot get a stilt to increase my storage. It's very hard to build anything or make transactions when I can only have 40 items. Can anyone tell me if they know of a way to find a stilt.

    · 07 Sep 14:03

    Comment found on Stuck on Paradise Bay Level 26?

  • Chelsea Zych
    Chelsea Zych

    I just figured this out! Go to your World Market (the ship/dock where you can purchase goods with game money), click on anything for sale (you don't actually have to buy the item), and when that user's sale screen opens, click "visit" next to their screen name. That should take you to their island. Find their egg basket, click on it, and drag jellybeans onto it. You can only leave one jellybean per visit in a six hour span, so you'll have to go to different places to get rid of a bunch. Little time consuming, but worth it to free up storage space.

    · 22 Apr 18:50

    Comment found on Paradise Bay: Jelly beans getting rid of

  • deborah scutero
    deborah scutero

    Thank you. All I have is wrapping paper so need to figure out how to make the gifts before they take up all my storage space!

    · 16 Dec 03:11

    Comment found on Paradise Bay: Trying to figure out how...

  • Karen Hickey
    Karen Hickey

    I am on level 60 and have a total of 10 islands if you include the Giving Tree. The only way you can unlock islands is to collect map pieces from Carl when he arrives to your docks, (brown boat looks like a fishing troller). Takes a long time but when I knew I had islands left to unlock I always prioritized him to the top of the list so I could get as many map pieces as possible. Some of these are sold in the Market Place. If you see them snatch them up quickly. I sell them regularly. Then go to Carl's Cabin and if you have enough you can unlock another island but visit him often so you can get rid of small map pieces to trade for bigger ones. This has the advantage of taking up less space in your storage. Tip: 'Friend' folks in World Market that are at level 50 or higher. You can tell what level they're at by visiting their islands. This has a couple of advantages. First, since you are friends with them, you will often see them regularly in the World Market where you otherwise might not. Folks who are at this level have more mills and resources so the items they trade are VERY valuable to you. Also, since they've already unlocked all the islands they have map pieces to sell as well. Hope that helps.

    · 14 Oct 20:09

    Comment found on Paradise Bay: do we have to buy...

  • annomous a
    annomous a

    Empty room in storage first

    · 24 Aug 04:44

    Comment found on Paradise Bay: Find old bucket

  • Natasha Raymond
    Natasha Raymond

    Now they have put more levels so no one is "stuck" on that level. When they are trying to program other levels you remain at the level they have completed. While on a level the goal isn't to just go to the next level. Decorate your island! You've git peopke around the world looking at your island. Get the animals. There are tons of stuff to do. Also, i have reached the "storage capacity" of my tree-storage. They told me the game still tallies the green components and if they decide to increase our storage capacity we should get back credit.

    · 22 Aug 20:49 1 thought this was helpful

    Comment found on Any cheats for Paradise Bay Level 56?

  • Lyd W
    Lyd W

    which tree house is it the world market, or storage treehouse,. i cant see any more in the water. help. x

    · 19 Aug 10:42

    Comment found on Paradise Bay: Find old bucket

  • Dajana Tomić
    Dajana Tomić

    The bucket is behind three, behind storage in river

    · 16 Aug 15:02

    Comment found on Can't get past Paradise Bay Level 42?

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