Super Auto Pets by Team Wood Games ApS

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App Details
  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Strategy
  • Version: 79
  • Release Date: February 21, 2022
  • Description:

    Battle against other players at your own pace in this free to play chill auto battler.

    In Super Auto Pets you build a team from a lovable cast of animals who will fight for you. They each have unique abilites, so choose wisely who will join your team!

    Features two modes
    - Arena mode, asynchronous match ups, no turn timer! Can you reach 10 medals?
    - Versus mode, match up against X other players, can you come out on top?

  • Last Updated:
  • Release Notes:

    New features
    - Added Expansion Pack #2.
    - Added Custom Packs.
    - Added Weekly Packs.
    - Added a new pack option to private versus: Force host pack for everyone.
    - Added a new life loss option to private versus: Per pet with cap.
    - Added a new time option to private versus: Scaling time.
    - Added ready player count after ending turn in versus.
    - Added an option to hide email for streamers.
    - Added more noun and adjective options.
    - Added a survey to allow players to vote on pets that should be changed.

    - Beaver to 3/2.
    - Duck to 2/3.
    - Fish to 2/2.
    - Otter to Buy: Give [1/2/3] random friends +1/+1.
    - Pig to 4/1.
    - Bluebird to End turn: Give a random friend +1 Attack.
    - Beetle to Eat Shop Food: Give the left-most shop pet +1 Health.
    - Crab to Start of battle: Copy 50% Health from the most healthy friend.
    - Elephant to Before attack: Deal 1 damage to the friend behind. Repeat [1/2/3] times.
    - Flamingo to 4/2.
    - Peacock to Hurt: Gain +4 Attack.
    - Dromedary End turn: Give the 2 left-most shop pets +1/+1.
    - Dog to 3/3.
    - Rabbit to 1/2.
    - Badger to 5/3 and to Faint: Deal 50% Attack damage to adjacent pets.
    - Giraffe to 2/4.
    - Camel to 2/6 and to Hurt: Give +2/+2 to friend behind.
    - Ox to 1/3 and to Friend ahead faints: Gain Melon and +1 Attack.
    - Lbster to Friend summoned outside battle: Give it +2/+3.
    - Hatching Chick to End turn: Give +4/+4 to friend ahead until end of battle.
    - Bison to 4/4.
    - Hippo to Knock out: Gain +3/+3.
    - Penguin to End turn: Give three level 2 and level 3 firends +1/+1.
    - Parrot 4/2.
    - Squirrel to Start of turn: Add 1 shop food and discount them by [1/2/3] gold.
    - Worm to 3/3.
    - Buffalo to 4/4 and to Buy friend: Gain +1/+1. Works 3 times per turn.
    - Caterpillar to no longer transform if killed first.
    - Crocodile to Start of battle: Deal 8 damage to the last enemy. Repeat [1/2/3] times.
    - Rhino to Knock out: Deal 4 damage to the first enemy. Double against Tier 1 pets.
    - Shark to Friend faints: Gain +2/+2.
    - Turkey to Friend summoned: Give it +2/+3.
    - Zombie Fly from 5/5 to 4/4.
    - Poodle to End turn: Give +1/+1 to a friend of each Tier.
    - Octopus to Before attack: Deal 3/6/9 damage to 2 random enemies.
    - Meat bone to Attack for 4 more damage.

    You are exceptional for scrolling down this far. This is the biggest update to hit Super Auto Pets. We had to go back and tweak some of the old pets to balance the new custom and weekly packs. A lot of the changes were driven by the community and we hope to continue that trend with the addition of the new pet voting feature. Forgive us for messing with your favorite pets. We know some of you get really attached to your favorites. But we truly believe these changes will make the game more healthy and diverse in the long run.

    The next big update will be to translate the game into more languages and add even more pets. Got some really cool ideas cooking. Stay tuned!