NFL Rivals - Football Manager by Mythical, Inc.

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  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Action, Sports
  • Version: 0.2.5
  • Release Date: March 30, 2023
  • Description:

    Collect digital player cards and build your dream team of NFL superstars to compete against other players. Feel the rush of nonstop action as you dive into a football arcade-style game that will test your limits.

    Arcade-style football meets intense rivalries in the biggest football game… since football. Collect and trade sports cards to build your team of NFL players to dominate the competition in each exhilarating football game. Draft players and upgrade your roster in this fun and wild twist on NFL mobile games.

    NFL Rivals brings you a whole new way to experience football games. Become a top football general manager and guide your dream team of NFL players to the endzone. Choose from a variety of NFL teams and tackle fierce rivalries in fast-paced card collecting action.

    Download NFL Rivals to collect your favorite football players and take the field today!


    - Build your dream team of pros to take on any rival
    - Collect digital player cards of your favorite pro football players in an adrenaline-filled card game
    - Draft and improve your lineup as you collect NFL digital player cards and assemble your team

    - Assemble your roster. Level them up. Build your All-Pro NFL lineup
    - Quarterback, linebacker, running back. Build your dream team with NFL players in each position
    - Play with football players ready to tackle any challenge or rivalry

    - Compete against other players with your team of NFL superstars
    - Collect cards and build an NFL team of players ready to take on anyone.
    - Nonstop arcade-style football gameplay in just a few taps

    Download NFL Rivals for unmatched football action in an all-new arcade-style sports game. Take to the field and dominate the competition today.

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    Game fixes and improvements