Duet Cats by Amanotes Pte Ltd

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  • Price: Free
  • Genre(s): Games, Music, Casual, Music
  • Version: 0.9.30
  • Release Date: January 3, 2023
  • Description:

    The cutie cat songs are out now hooman~ Let's control the hottest cat duet ever. Who will be the diva cat in this catcentric?

    Duet Cats is the perfect mix between cute and fun, relaxing and challenging of the music rhythm, and the popular virtual cat game makes you can't stop, it really addictive!!!

    All you need to do is feel the rhythm of the cute cat songs and control your 2 hands so the cats are all fed. Fat cats all out fun meow

    Cat food is falling continuously! Can you feed them all?

    - Duet with all cats
    Not one but a duet! Your 2 cats are singing their adorable meow meow together into a hilarious ensemble. You can fatten them up by feeding them all the falling food. Oops, may they become obese?

    - Simple but addictive with 2 hand control
    Left, right, and...center, with 2 hands. Use your hand and your observation to move through hundreds of levels of music rhythm falling. It's not easy, but if you get through it all, clap hands kittens

    - Various cute cats to collect
    If you're bored with the gray and white cat you started with, it's time to change its look! You can pick from many skins to change the cat breed: kitty charm, monty cat, maru cat, dubstep cat, Chorley cat. Or turn your kitty cat into something completely different: spider cat, Pikachu cat and more, collect them all! These cute fluffy mittens are yours. This list goes on!

    - Remixes of the popular song with the cute cat sound
    More than 1000+ hit songs are waiting for you to unlock. Can you imagine what it would be like when combined with ""meow"" sound? I can't??? Hurry up and be the first to listen to it

    Are you someone who is looking for animal games or adorable cat games with a wide variety of music genres? Those who are looking for relaxing games, idle games, or role-playing games? Are you looking for more addictive games in this genre? Duet Cats is the perfect gift for you

    Lead your adorable furry cats into shining diva cats

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  • Release Notes:

    - Add a lot of new CATs!!!
    - New food for your cute CATs
    - More songs to play