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  • Anuradha Bali
    Anuradha Bali

    Try 292 and 1465 for bubble WHEELS
    679 for black bubbles
    231 and 1622 for chameleons
    1699 for CURSED BUBBLES

    · 26 Feb 12:58

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  • fran hudgins
    fran hudgins

    Where do I find wheelbubbles

    · 23 Sep 16:51

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  • Cindy Knaggs
    Cindy Knaggs

    How can I break the wooden wheels that the bubbles rotate on?

    · 10 Oct 02:14

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  • Lea Karamehić
    Lea Karamehić

    In Bubble Witch 2 Saga level 292, you have 2 colors red and yellow. Try to remove bubbles at the beginning so you don’t spend too much moves, aim high as you can. Think the problem is getting the last 4th animal right?

    You need to clear ALL bubbles that are “hanging” above the wheel, so when it turn while you make moves, no bubbles are attached to it – that way the wheel will fall down and you will get the last animal then :)

    Tips from our Bubble Witch 2 Saga ALL HELP group member :
    “Cynthia Ledgley : oh ask me ask me LOL. I just finished 292. Here is my tip. get rid of all the bubbles on the ascending (left) part of the wheel structure. Do this as early as possible. You want to then allow all the balls to circle around “inside” of the wheel until they are no longer attached and the wheel drops. At BEST you will have only 3 to 4 balls left. But first you must get that wheel to drop. Also if you get a clear shot up the ascending side you can sometimes do a hit at the top to clear a bunch so the wheel is not attached at that corner. Do not let any balls ascend. Clear them with all possible techniques. Also you have those SICK Balls that groan and you can match four then you have another lone ball still with a gap. So do one next to that lone ball and THEN fill the gap so that in fact I think 7 then fall all at once. Just keep that side empty. Will take a few attempts (I spent about 2 weeks LOL figuring this all out and taking breaks). Once that drops remember that one ball can drop a whole side of the SICKIE BALLS lined up there on the interior – which will be clear once the wheel structure drops.”

    · 10 Feb 19:13

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  • Lea Karamehić
    Lea Karamehić

    Before you watch the video, you will see I used 10 + Extra bubbles so in cauldron was 40 bubbles instead of 30 bubbles.

    The level is finished with 15 bubbles left in the cauldron so we don’t think this level is passed with that booster :) .

    The task is to defeat 4 Morgana with 30 bubbles.

    With the first Morgana, try to hit Dragon Egg, very often it will remove one black bubble that is around the Morgana. You won't need to waste bubbles on the wheel then just aim when you have a same color as Morgana choose this time.

    If you didn’t hit the Dragon Egg, or you did, but it removed something else on the board, you can still defeat first Morgana like we did in this video.

    As for second Morgana, you have 2 Line Blasts and 2 Dragon Eggs – used it ! Sometimes the Dragon eggs will remove that one bubble that is under the Morgana, sometimes above. Important thing is you need to defeat it in few moves, otherwise quit the level and just start over.

    Third Morgana has wheel around her and also has 4 Dragon Eggs. Use 2 Line blast to remove some of the bubbles on those 2 wheels and try to hit as many as you can Dragon Eggs. Two reasons for it. First it will help you to remove obstacles that are around third Morgana, second they will also move up on the last Morgana and they will be very helpful there.

    The last Morgana is the hardest one. I lost several lives there. But don’t worry it can be done just little tricky that’s all ;)

    Good board would be to have a lot of same colors on that big wheel as you will then save some moves. You need to free the path on the right side, just under the Morgana, and hope on of the Dragon Eggs will remove one black bubble so you have free path to defeat the last Morgana.

    On the top there is a Line Blast and 5 Dragon Eggs, but didn’t get the chance to use it so if you do let us know is it worth it ;)

    Good luck and happy bubbling !

    · 10 Feb 19:10

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