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Scatter Slots - Slot Machines Level 1

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  • Daraseres Overton
    Daraseres Overton

    This actually works great. Wish I had understood the steps better before I got to level 103. Lol. Gilbert was almost right. With your data and all still off, completely close the game if you lose. Uninstall it. Turn data back on, reinstall. Open game and you will be back to level 1. No,sweat! Now log back with FB and BOOM, no money lost. I suggest doing this over WiFi unless you have unlimited data. Good Luck.

    · 27 Jan 20:20

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  • Rhonda Robbins
    Rhonda Robbins

    can someone tell me which slot I should be playing for level 130 I can not get past it

    · 18 Nov 07:18

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