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    i would have Lost all my 27.9 BTC after ledger upgrade if not for the swift recourse made by the smart
    contract experts at american forensic firm after i opened a case with their smart contract audit on [email protected]
    Hi! | have 5 yo Ledger Nano, at december 12, i
    upgraded firmware on it to 2.69.0 and tried to send
    some amount with specific UTXO with Coin Control,
    but when i tried to send this tx i got an error on
    frontend and decided to send bte with regular way,
    without specifying UTXO and the same problem
    again - error. Then i found out that Ledger services
    was overloaded and a lot of people faced network
    issues and decided to try again later. Few hour later
    i found out that all of my BTC was sent to unknown
    address. I got 2 new txs (time of txs in logs matches
    my txs i tried to send) - first one merged all of my
    UTXOs into one (possible Coin Control bug), and
    the second one sent correct amount, as i wanted to
    the recipient and change was sent to address i still
    can't generate with my generator, i tried like 10kk
    accounts and over 1 billion addresses (visible and
    change) on each account and still can't find it.
    Other assets still on ledger, so it's not some kind of
    hack i guess, in other case i should lost all of my
    assets. My seed phrase never been written on PC
    and phone or any kind of online services to store
    notes. the smart contract experts at thehackerspro were eventually able to help me trace and follow the funds to the outspurced leveraged wallets.
    i have just detached back 25 btc and waiting for the ethereum gas fee on ERC 20 Network, so i can detach the rest into my coinbase. i dont think i wanna use ledger anymore

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