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    our hedge fund lost over 200 btc to an arbitrium's website where all our funds in our wallets just suddenly disappeared after we tried subscribing on the arbitrium's platform.

    This went on for a while as we couldn't figure out what happened until we hired the forensic smart contract auditors at American forensic firm and Upon examination,

    their smart contract experts determined that this "Arbitrium's (ARB) NFT Airdrop" er purchased, as promoted on 2024arb[.]xyz, is fake.

    The scam was disguised as an Arbitrium's website running an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) airdrop.

    However, this scheme is in no way associated with Arbitrium's Orbit (, the organization behind it – Arbitrum Foundation (, or any other existing platforms/entities.

    This fraudulent giveaway operates as a crypto drainer and empties funds from exposed cryptocurrency wallets.

    if not for the expertise of the smart contract engineers at American forensic we wouldn't have known what happened or even been able to recover a dime.

    we all are grateful for the timely intervention of Vladimir kolarov and his entire smart contract audit team in recovering 176 btc into our Coinbase account and now waiting for the TRC20 network

    to come through so we can detach the rest into our trezor wallets. avoid unregulated platforms as most of them are offshore and you might face a lot of hurdles recovering your hard earned funds

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    Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Arbitrum’s upcoming “ARB” token airdrop appears to have become a popular target for scammers, with the community warning of hundreds of phishing scams aimed at tricking crypto users.
    Announced in a March 16 post by the Arbitrum Foundation, the airdrop will send out 10 billion governance tokens via a token airdrop, allowing holders to vote on code changes. The airdrop is set for March 23.
    Unfortunately, the development has led to more than a few attempts from scammers to set up fake token airdrops aimed at stealing funds from victims ahead of the official event.
    our venture capital firm, personally lost over 760 btc of investors money into this scheme.
    It was not until May 10, when we hired the smart contract audit specialists at American blockchain forensic firm which happened to be the best decision we took in recovering our funds
    as the smart contract audit team discovered a shocking website impersonating an official Arbitrium's airdrop website.
    The process show the website asks a user to allow access to their funds, which would presumably result in the scammers draining their wallet. All thanks to the forensic team at after they eventually traced the funds to the outsourced leveraged wallets. I'm happy to have just detached the first part of 498 btc into our companies ledger nano and now waiting for more Ethereum gas fee so I can detach the rest into our Coinbase. I will advice us all to be very careful on this
    on-line space as a lot of malicious links have been sent online to fleece unsuspecting individuals of their hard earned funds

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    Axis Capital contacted me last year through a very British sounding "Jonathon Higgins" about investing in a firm named Belgrave Resources,
    which was a genuine Canadian oil exploration company that you could look up. However, while they were considering listing, they had not yet listed, and after writing them,
    I discovered that this company and its workers are engaged in large-scale scamming. Axis Capital's primary participants are Canadian Charles Mason, British Jonathan Phelps, and British Louise Clarke.
    In Australian dollars, I lost $2.4 million. I opened a case with asset recovery business as soon as I understood what had transpired to help reclaim my losses.
    I just removed 402 bitcoins from outsourced wallets into my trustwallet.
    i am waiting for the ethereum gas fee from my safepal wallet to come through so i can detach the rest into my coinbase account in amaerica. its been a long exhauting journey.
    thanks to kravitz hein of claimpayback and you can open a detailed case with them on [email protected]

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