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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    TY, Suzanne. Trying again:
    Scene 1: Vol. 1, Ch. 26 - Scene #127 https://www.gamersunite.com/scenes/127-nicky-s-study
    Scene 2: Vol. 5, Ch. 30 - Scene #1196 https://www.gamersunite.com/scenes/1196-ship-deck
    Scene 3: Vol. 1, Ch. 18 - Scene #87 https://www.gamersunite.com/scenes/87-bobby-and-franny-s-room
    Scene 4; Vol. 4, Ch. 32 - Scene #1032 https://www.gamersunite.com/scenes/87-bobby-and-franny-s-room
    Scene 5: Vol. 5, Ch. 25 - Scene #1173 https://www.gamersunite.com/scenes/1173-sandra-s-office
    Scene 6: Vol. 1, Ch. 52 - Scene #256 https://www.gamersunite.com/scenes/256-emma-s-lab
    Scene 7: Vol. 2, Ch. 39 - Scene #693 https://www.gamersunite.com/scenes/693-cave-entrance
    Scene 8: Vol. 2, Ch. 46 - Scene #727 https://www.gamersunite.com/scenes/727-treasure-map
    Scene 9: Vol. 1, Ch. 60 - Scene #299 https://www.gamersunite.com/scenes/299-palace-wine-cellar
    Scene 10: Vol. 3, Ch. 10 - Scene #799 https://www.gamersunite.com/scenes/799-festival-stage
    Thanks to JJ Spoilers Allowed

    · 04 Nov 22:13

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    Volume 3, Chapter 10, Scene 799 - Festival Stage
    (1st clue) empty plinth
    (2nd clue) Theo's satchel
    cigarette holder
    claw marks
    coffee cup
    dead leaf
    fire extinguisher
    hanging flowers
    paper plane
    roman two
    stained glass
    string of lights (lightbulbs)
    treble clef
    !PLEASE DO NOT ERASE. Other languages may be added after English, separated with space and “/”.

    · 14 Mar 07:42

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  • Ms. Tearius
  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    #2 Fairground Fortune Event – goal of 1 million players to spin the wheel twice.
    Goal was met at 1,305,860 players. Participants received in their mailbox, 3 diamonds and a digital postcard of June’s tree with the second set of ornaments. Video available showing the story behind the ornaments on June’s Journey App Page and YouTube:

    Christmas Ornaments, part 2
    “Go and see where Walter’s got to, would you, dear?” Mrs. Talbot thrust a mug of hot cocoa into my palms and hurried back to the dinner table, which looked ready to collapse beneath a mountain of food. I wandered down the garden path until I heard the telltale sounds of whistling coming from the toolshed. I smiled knowingly, before quietly letting myself in to find Mr. Talbot huddled over a workshop counter.
    “Happy Christmas Eve, Mr. Talbot, “ I said.
    “June!” Mr. Talbot beamed, brush in hand as he turned in his chair, “I didn’t see you there.”
    “Mrs. Talbot’s asking after you. What are you up to?”
    “Just making sweet music with my new band,” Mr. Talbot smiled, gesturing to three charming Christmas ornaments and accepting the hot cocoa gratefully, “Walter and the Warblers.”
    [Mr. Talbot moves aside to reveal 3 painted carved birds. Cuts to scene of June adding the birds to her Christmas tree.]

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    · 13 Dec 20:35

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    If you want to play more, this is the best way to do it without spending real money. The extended energy bar will give your 450 energy to start, energy that refills to 150 every 5 hours (instead of 110 in 3hr 20min), and 150 energy (instead of 110) for every character puzzle you complete and every star booster you activate. The extended energy bar costs 799 diamonds and can be found by tapping the plus sign next to your energy count. It will remain a permanent feature of your game. Highly recommended for those who want to play more or need more plays during Detectives Needed Key Challenges or Team Competitions.

    · 24 Jun 22:08

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    On the extended energy bar:
    If you love the game and want to play more, I suggest you buy the extended energy bar, which will become a permanent feature of your game. Energy will still recharge at the same rate of 1 energy every 2 minutes; however, it'll allow you to accumulate up to 150 energy (instead of 110), so that you can be away from your game for 5 hours (instead of ~3.5 hrs) and still gain energy. Additionally, you'll receive 150 energy (instead of 110) whenever you complete a photo puzzle or activate a star-booster. At the time of purchase, you'll also get, one-time only, 450 energy. The extended energy bar offer costs 799 diamonds and can be found by tapping the plus sign next to your energy count.

    On gifting bushes
    Every day, you can give 6 regular bushes (1 red, 2 blue, 3 green), which cost you coins. When you receive bushes in return from friends and remove them, you gain diamonds (5 diamonds for red bush, 3 for blue, 1 for green). Other than clearing new land, bush exchange is the best way to earn more diamonds, up to 98 diamonds per week. Unfortunately, you must use trial and error to find friends who will reciprocate (look for islands that appear active, not full of bushes). Better way is to add Facebook players who also are looking to exchange bushes. Sometimes there are also specialty bushes available. These you can give up to 10 per day, but they will cost you precious diamonds, so I only recommend this to players who have an abundance of diamonds to spend. When you remove these bushes, you’ll receive coins. All bushes you receive can only be removed, not moved around your island. However, you can manipulate bush placements by covering your island with decoration (such as grass) and leave open space for where you want friends to leave a bush. Or better yet, if they are Facebook friends, ask them directly.

    On the photo album:
    When you open your photo album, there is a green grid-like button at the bottom which will display all the photos in the album. Flip through the pages using left and right side-arrows to see the photos you have completed and the ones that are waiting to be completed, indicated by 7/7 meaning you have collected 7 of the 7 cards. If you have multiple completed sets, you can click on any of those to complete in any order. If you are currently collecting a set, it is highlighted in green and beneath it shows how many cards you already have (i.e. 3/7 means you have 3 of the 7 cards). Photos with a lock mean a photo is available, but you lack the cards to unlock it, yet. Photos with a question mark mean a photo is beyond your level or has not been created/released by the game developers. When you complete a photo puzzle, you will receive a full bar of energy (110 for the original bar or 150 for the extended energy bar) on top of any energy you already have.

    On storage ship:
    The storage ship becomes available after chapter 5 and storage is unlimited. When items are placed in storage, their flower value will be subtracted from your flower total, such that you will need more flowers to progress. But your level will not fall, meaning you can place storage items on the island to satisfy the flower requirements, level up by exiting storage, and then immediately replace the item into storage without losing progress. This is helpful when you only want to level up one at a time to satisfy the newspaper task. Storage is also very useful when rearranging your island. You can access it by 3 ways: by tapping on the ship, by tapping on any item and selecting the yellow button (icon is an arrow pointing down into a box), and by holding down anywhere on your island until the arrow fills up. You cannot store buildings that generate coins, bushes received as gifts, or obstacles from newly cleared land.

    · 19 Aug 23:43

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    1. There's not much you can do if a neighboring island is full.
    2. I remember a one-time $4.99 offer for a full energy bar (110 energy), but not the extended energy bar that allows your energy can accumulate to 150. I only know of the option to buy the extended 150-energy bar for 799 diamonds. It does take many months to accumulate, but you can do it, especially if you find 6 players to exchange bushes daily. You can get up to 98 diamonds per week this way. It take a lot of trial-and-error to find dependable gift exchangers, but it'll help you out tremendously.

    · 21 Jul 23:54

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    You can increase your energy bar from 110 to 150 if you purchase the extended energy bar for 799 diamonds. Tap the "+" sign next to your energy bar to see the energy offers. When you purchase it you will receive one-time 450 energy (3 full bars). Once your energy depletes below 150, it will accumulate at the rate of 1 energy every 2 minutes, just like everyone else. But because the cap is 150, it means you can be away from your game for 5 hours (instead of ~3.5 hours) and energy will continue to accumulate. Also whenever you complete a character puzzle or activate a star-booster, you'll get 150 energy (instead of 110). So overall, the energy bar allows you to play more. It's a worthy purchase for any long-term player.

    · 13 Jul 07:34

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  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee

    One way is to give plant gifts. Giving plants that cost coins but reward with purple diamonds works! my friends in the game helped me reach 799. Also the more you play you will eventually get 20 diamonds in the green and pink boxes. They also come as rewards when completing a scene, so far I've seen 5 diamonds given as a reward.

    · 13 Feb 16:34

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    The buildings are the same for everyone, but they may be in different stages of development. Each building has 5 stages of development. The other decorations are all up to the player. You can hold more energy (150) if you buy the bar extender with 799 diamonds, which is worthwhile IMHO. Playing the newspaper challenges will earn you more energy.

    · 27 Sep 04:11

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