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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius

    To get the most coins per play, replay Mastered scenes and get "Perfect" scores, meaning no misses, no hints, and no lapses of the bonus bar.

    · 15 Apr 15:46

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  • My Chic Crafts
    My Chic Crafts

    You have arrow listed here, but not on the left where it is clickable. There are 2 arrows that I can find, but one belongs to the Exit Sign and the other is the Voltage sign. Am I missing something?

    · 04 Apr 21:12

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  • Pandosa Jessica
    Pandosa Jessica


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  • Joel Janicki
    Joel Janicki

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    · 25 Mar 21:55

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  • Catrina Florida
    Catrina Florida

    Ravenhill Seekers meets at 7 pm Eastern US time. We labeled ourselves as "competitive" because we do want members to participate in contests, but we are pretty laid back about it. If you need to miss a contest, we don't care, as long as you're adding DL points.

    · 17 Mar 20:11

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  • Kelly Dzitko
    Kelly Dzitko

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  • Marie Alfrey
    Marie Alfrey

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  • Bohdanko Albert
    Bohdanko Albert

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  • Evelyn Martinez
    Evelyn Martinez

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  • Victoria Sideris
    Victoria Sideris

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    · 06 Jan 17:04

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