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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius moderator

    Secrets – “The Climb: Seeking Stardom” Tue 13 Feb 2024 @ 06:00 UTC (1AM EST), length of 7 days but that may change
    This Secrets event will have 3 brand news scenes, each used twice.
    Cost of play is 14 blue energy bolts, 9 if you watch an ad. One blue energy bolt regenerates every 2 minutes until the bar reaches the maximum of 50. Good luck to all!

    Gamers Unite site: https://www.gamersunite.com/june-s-journey-hidden-object-mystery-game/scenes?world=secrets
    Crazy June site: https://stb.crazyjune.eu/secret/en.html Helpers to tag these scenes are welcome.
    Mairu’s World video: https://www.youtube.com/@Mairusworldofficial
    Golden_Rabbit video: https://www.youtube.com/@Golden_Rabbit

    #1: Word mode – E#020 (new) - need 0 keys, 35 secs => earn 10 energy bolts
    #2: Word mode – E#021 (new) - need 30 keys, 30 secs => earn 1 green snippet pack
    #3: Word mode- Vol.2-Ch.31-Sc#652 - need 40 keys, 23 secs => earn 150 coins
    #4: Silhouette mode – Vol.2-Ch.35-Sc#675 - need 60 keys, 29 secs => earn 10 gold bars
    #5: Word mode – Vol.7-Ch.18-Sc#1563 – need 80 keys, 25 secs => earn 300 coins
    #6: Silhouette mode Vol.2-Ch.33-Sc#662 – need 100 keys, 35 secs => earn 1 pink starbox
    #7: Word mode – E#022 (new) – need 110 keys, 25 secs => earn 1 booster
    #8: Word mode – Vol.6-Ch.39-Sc#1416 – need 140 keys, 21 secs => earn 1 blue starbox
    #9: Word mode – Vol.2-Ch.34-Sc#669 - need 150 keys, 22 secs => earn 40 energy bolts
    #10: Silhouette mode- Vol.6-Ch.38-Sc#1415 - need 160 keys, 22 secs => earn 400 coins
    #11: Silhouette mode – Vol.2-Ch.34-Sc#667 – need 170 keys, 22 secs => earn 1 pink starbox
    #12: Word mode – Vol.6-Ch.38-Sc#1412 - need180 keys, 17 secs => earn 1 green snippet pack
    #13: Silhouette mode – Vol.2-Ch.32-Sc#656 – need 210 keys, 28 secs => earn 1 blue starbox

    *Silver Box Rewards: Fly Fishing deco from 2019, 3 blue starboxes, 5 compasses, 1 pink snippet pack, 100 blue energy bolts

    #14: Word mode – Vol.2-Ch.31-Sc#652 - need 0 keys, 32 secs => earn 1 blue snippet pack
    #15: Word mode – Vol.7-Ch.18-Sc#1563 - need 140 keys, 32 secs => earn 1 compass
    #16: Silhouette mode – Vol.6-Ch.39-Sc#1416 – need 190 keys, 34 secs => earn 25 gold bars
    #17: Silhouette mode- E#021 (new) – need 190 keys, 36 secs => earn 1 blue box
    #18: Word mode – Vol.2-Ch.34-Sc#667 - need 190 keys, 30 secs => earn 80 energy bolts
    #19: Word mode – Vol.2-Ch.33-Sc#662 - need 190 keys, 27 secs => earn 700 coins
    #20: Silhouette mode – Vol.6-Ch.38-Sc#1412 - need 240 keys, 36 secs => earn 1 blue box
    #21: Word mode – Vol.6-Ch.38-Sc#1415 – need 240 keys, 27 secs => earn 25 blue energy bolts
    #22: Silhouette mode – Vol.2-Ch.35-Sc#675 - need 240 keys, 33 secs => earn 750 coins
    #23: Silhouette mode – E#022 (new) - need 240 keys, 33 secs => earn 1 booster
    #24: Word mode – Vol.2-Ch.32-Sc#656 - need 240 keys, 30 secs => earn 10 diamonds
    #25: Silhouette mode – E#020 (new) – need 250 keys, 36 secs => earn 1000 coins
    #26: Word mode – Vol.2-Ch.34-Sc#669 - need 290 keys, 27 secs => earn 75 energy bolts
    #27: Word mode – Vol.7-Ch.17-Sc#1558 – need 290 keys, 24 secs => earn 1 pink starbox

    **Gold Mastery Rewards: Marvelous Matinee (new deco), 4 pink starboxes, 4 blue starboxes, 1 purple snippet pack, 1 Memoir Reminder Card

    · 12 Feb 19:53

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius moderator

    June’s Journey tips
    My tip for beginners: read the game FAQs in the game setting "help" section. Replay scenes to earn coins to buy high flower value items. Too many low-flower items will cause you to run out of island space. Establish daily bush exchanges with players so you can get diamonds. Save diamonds to buy the extended energy bar if you want to play more. Make the most out of your starboxes by saving and opening them for Help Wanted tasks. To increase your chances of getting Marvelous prizes every month, save pink boxes to open next month.
    The game is a challenge, where you must balance island decoration with story progression. If you run out of space, you must replay scenes to earn coins for high-flower decoration, using them to replace your low-flower decoration on your island. The higher the flower value, the further you can progress.

    On flowers:
    Flowers can be added to your island in several ways: moving items from storage to island, buying decoration, upgrading buildings, renovating landmarks, and sending Jack's plane on a flower delivery. When you buy decoration, the construction must be complete and the red ribbon removed, before its Flower value will count. Buying decoration of higher Flower value will get you further in the game.

    · 22 Jan 04:41

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    Dr Mahlangu Mahlangu

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius moderator

    Diamond Hoarder is correct, unclaimed Marvelous prizes will appear in your storage boat with the red bow still attached. They will not change to September decorations.

    · 20 Aug 00:45

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius moderator

    When you "master" a scene you fill and receive the 5th star and the 5-star (pink) star box. You'll need the stars to get more decorations and land open. 5-star boxes have the best goodies inside, and opening them is the only way to get the Marvelous Prizes for each monthly seasonal set.

    · 09 Jul 04:06

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius moderator

    A number by the cash register means you have that many new items in the store open to you. It may be a decoration you won as a Marvelous prize from a pink star box, or it may be you have more decorations or a building from achieving more stars in the game. Also, one new permanent decoration is added every Monday for 7 weeks as part of the Weekly Wonder Event. Once you look at the new item in the store, the number will go away.

    · 29 Jun 23:22

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius moderator

    Christmas Pyramid was a Marvelous prize in Dec 2017 set. Delightful Dairy was a prize after the 30-day dairy delivery. Funfair Photographer was a limited purchase item, I think. Poseidon was a gift after storage boat was established. Last 3 items were all in the Dec 2017 set, which I don't have pictures of. I'm not familiar with the Birch Thicket.

    · 10 Feb 00:52

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius moderator

    The Peacock Pool was a Marvelous Prize from the 2019 Cocktail Party Set.

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    · 29 Jan 03:58

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  • Ms. Tearius
    Ms. Tearius moderator

    Ok, Meg. I found a cheat for your problem. Open a pink box and see if you get a purple "marvelous" card. If not, don't claim, just refresh the page to reload the game and try opening the pink box again. Repeat as needed. Time consuming, but works.

    · 01 Feb 18:05

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